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The Global Importance of Openness to Education

We hear a lot these days about the word ‘open.’ Projects can be open; resources can be open; even processes that were once shrouded in secrecy can now be called open. Despite the deluge of this buzz word, I would venture to say that many of us haven’t stopped to evaluate what being ‘open’ really […]

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How to Create Awareness for Your Cause

People do amazing things everyday. The problem is that most people never see them or hear about them. Creating a buzz is essential to gaining active followers and supporters. Here are just a few tips to help in raising awareness for your cause or project: Create Open Information No one who wants to know about […]

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Leaders Let People Do, Not Follow

No one wants to be a back seat driver forever. That is a fact. There are many kinds of leaders with differing opinions on this simple fact: Those who gain their authority from the structure of an organization—a boss, a manager, a supervisor Others, however, seem to gain this type of authority almost organically. If […]

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