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Using cleanup method RPi.GPIO | Raspberry Pi Tutorial

August 21, 2016 | Posted in Maker Ed,Python,Raspberry Pi

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi After several months of deliberating, I finally gave in a bought a Raspberry Pi to start playing around with. Once I found out that it is a tiny Linux machine, I was sold. I opted to a pretty standard starter kit that I found for what I thought was a […]

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Fixing error: cannot read property “values” from undefined

August 6, 2016 | Posted in Google App Script

Typeerror: cannot read property “values” from undefined is one of the most persistent and frequent errors you can get when doing any type of scripting in Google Apps Script. One of the most frequent questions I get on this blog, so I decided to dedicate a post to helping people troubleshoot this pesky error. First, […]

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Add Custom Menus to Google Docs, Sheets & Forms

May 2, 2016 | Posted in Google App Script,Google Sheets

Using custom menus can help you automate and streamline certain tasks in Google Apps. In this post, we are going learn how to add custom menus to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms using Google Apps Script. Adding custom menus allows you to customize the UI of the Google App you are using and lets you […]

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Convert Images to Data URIs for Faster Page Loads

April 30, 2016 | Posted in HTML,Web Development

For anyone looking for faster page loads, converting images to data URIs can provide a speed boost in certain instances. In modern web development, page load time is extremely important, not just because people who use web sites have little tolerance for a slow loading site, but also because responsive sites are asked to support […]

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How to build an HTTP file server with Node.js

April 23, 2016 | Posted in JavaScript,Web Development

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working more and more with Node.js for a variety of projects. I started by building a few command line apps, progressed to some simple Node/Express sites, and more recently tackled some pretty complex apps that integrate RESTful web services that are hosted on AWS and Heroku. While […]

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How to serve JSON using the Google Apps Script Content Service

April 14, 2016 | Posted in Google App Script,How to

I’ve got another Google Apps Script tutorial here for everyone, and this time we’ll be taking a look at one of the advanced services provided by Google Apps. Most of what we’ve talked about so far involves building on top of one of the existing Google Apps services, but this one is entirely new and […]

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Teens, Technology & Social Media | Infographic

March 13, 2016 | Posted in Data Visualization,Design,Infographic,teaching,technology

Continuing my infographic kick, here is an infographic explaining some of the key points from a Pew Research project on Teens, Social Media and Technology. Even though the study was conducted in 2015, many of the takeaways are still relevant. My biggest conclusion: rich kids prefer Instagram.

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Flipped Vs. Hybrid Pedagogy | Infographic

March 12, 2016 | Posted in Design,Infographic,teaching,technology

Having worked with instructional technology for awhile, I’m often surprised by how frequently people conflate hybrid pedagogy with flipped pedagogy. At SXSWedu, I bought a bunch of really good books on infographic design, so I decided to create an infographic to cover some of the key differences.  

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Building A Simple Heat Map with D3

| Posted in Data Visualization,JavaScript,Web Development

Heat maps are a great way to analyze frequency in a data set. Beautiful and creative things happen when you are stuck in an airport for four hours. I’ve been wanting to explore heat map visualizations for awhile now, so when I had some time to kill flying back from SXSW, I decided to take […]

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SXSWedu Days 2 & 3: Reflections and Round-up

March 11, 2016 | Posted in Creativity,Ed Tech,Education,Innovation

A lot has been going on over the last two days, and Austin is such a fun city, that I’m combining my reflections into one super blog post. There is a lot to talk about, so stay tuned, but I’m not going to go in chronological order.   Total Fanboy Moments SXSWedu is one of […]

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