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ES 6 Features for Google Apps Script: Template Literals

February 7, 2020 | Posted in Google Apps Script,JavaScript

Google recently announced that it is bringing the V8 JavaScript runtime to the Google Apps Script environment, and the community, myself included, reacted with much enthusiasm. This is amazing! https://t.co/Qmbb0MIugx — Jeff Everhart (@J_Everhart383) February 6, 2020 There are a lot of things to be excited about with this new change, but I also realized […]

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Get Pages Using a Specific Page Template in WordPress

January 27, 2020 | Posted in WordPress

In a recent project, I had the need to get an array of all of the pages on a site that were using a particular page template. It turns out that this is really just an extension of any other type of meta query I could run, but you need to know that the meta […]

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Debugging in Google Apps Script

January 24, 2020 | Posted in Google Apps Script

Most of the comments I get on this site have to do with someone trying something I’ve written about that isn’t working for them. In most cases, error messages can be your friends since they can point to the particular place your script failed and give you additional insight into why it failed. This post […]

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String Interpolation in PHP

November 21, 2019 | Posted in PHP

Most of what I write about on the site exists to save someone else from having to learn the painful lessons I’ve spent time, energy, or emotion solving. This is one of those times where I’m sharing something uber useful that many people familiar with PHP may already know. As JavaScript has evolved, one of […]

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Adding Custom Routes to WordPress REST API

October 10, 2019 | Posted in PHP,WordPress

Over the last several years I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot more work within the WordPress ecosystem here at VCU. Writing themes and plugins for WordPress was what really got me started in web development, but after years of working in other frameworks like Node/Express and .NET MVC/C#, a lot of WordPress architectural […]

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Parsing HTML/XML with NodeJS and cheerio

May 3, 2019 | Posted in JavaScript

Eventually, this post will be a small part of a long post-mortem describing a ton of unexpected challenges I’ve faced recently trying to wrangle some historical geospatial data. However, this post is going to look at just one piece of that long process where I used the NodeJS library cheerio to help clean-up a GeoJSON […]

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Scaling WordPress Databases | Remote Servers, Sharding, and Replication with Ludicrous DB and AWS

April 10, 2019 | Posted in AWS,WordPress

As I frequently do, I’ve been taking a deep dive over the last few weeks into a very cool intersection between the WordPress and AWS ecosystems all in pursuit of the most scalable and turn key database structure for WordPress multisite. In this post, I’ll share some of the results of my research and walkthrough […]

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Match Multiple Patterns with GREP And

March 7, 2019 | Posted in Linux

We’ve been dealing with some decently complex system-level issues for awhile on Rampages. In an effort to track them down to the source, I’ve been digging through lots of log files. While we still don’t fully understand what is happening yet, I’m learning a lot more about sys admin type tools for tracking bugs across […]

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Retrieve Rows from Google Spreadsheet with Google Apps Script

March 1, 2019 | Posted in Google Apps Script,Google Sheets

Lots of the Google Apps Script projects that people are working on start with a Google Spreadsheet as a base. Sometimes a Google Form writes data to a spreadsheet that triggers other events, or you have a Sheet you’ve imported that you want to use to coordinate a larger workflow. This post will describe different […]

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Fixing PHP Warning: mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/2002): with WP CLI and MAMP

February 21, 2019 | Posted in WordPress

This will be a short post, but I felt it necessary to do since I had to deal with this is a non-standard way given my situation. I decided to play around with WP CLI to scaffold out the theme for a project that we are starting, but ran into a few configuration issues. It […]

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