Public Kudos

Thanks a lot for reaching out to me regarding your current project. When I started to learn how to code over 10 years ago, I quickly became amazed at the helpful things I could build for people.

Working in the open on my website, YouTube, and elsewhere on the internet has helped me spread that same feeling to many people and organizations doing valuable work. Thanks for being a part of that group.

If you’d be willing to say some kind words about what I was able to help you with, it would go a long way in making our group of successful coders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and makers just a little bit larger.

I might share the content you write here (minus your email address) in a number of ways, including in an edited form on my own website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or as a part of promotional content for courses or services. If you are a business, non-profit, or otherwise desire internet attention, please include a link to the best place to find you online so the world can know about the awesome stuff we built or accomplished together.

Thanks for reading this far, and many thanks for any kind words you can muster.