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Using AWS for Data Analysis

I’m not really sure when this happened, but over the last several years, I’ve started to spend a lot of my personal and professional time working on building out data visualization tools and workflows. In a recent meeting, someone referred to us as data scientists, and we’ve had a good running joke ever since. While […]

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Making a Chatbot with Amazon LEX

What follows here is an exploration of an evolving project I’m working on to provide some additional touch points for current and prospective students in online courses at VCU. Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning, and other terms with similar connotations seem to be all the rage nowadays, but using publicly available cloud services, we can get […]

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Creating a Video Streaming Classroom with AWS, Angular, and Google Material Design | Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about video streaming platforms used in the ed tech space, what makes them different from one another, and how feasible it would be to create one from scratch. After a short discussion with some people on the DEC team, I looked into the possibility of hosting and streaming video […]

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