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Creating a Video Streaming Classroom with AWS, Angular, and Google Material Design | Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about video streaming platforms used in the ed tech space, what makes them different from one another, and how feasible it would be to create one from scratch. After a short discussion with some people on the DEC team, I looked into the possibility of hosting and streaming video […]

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The Pros and Cons of Using Google Sheets as an Application Backend

I’ve been doing more lately working with APIs of different sorts, and I recently stumbled onto some cool ways to use Google Sheets to connect with APIs and store the data very easily in a spreadsheet. Having completed the linked project in less than an hour, I was really interested in figuring out the pros […]

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Debugging Node.js Processes | Error events.js 141

Debugging Node.js processes on the server can be kind of painful depending on what tools you have available to help you make sense of error messages. After scouring the web, it seems that a lot of people get frustrated by an error that gets thrown at events.js 141, which seems to be a generic socket […]

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