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Leaders Let People Do, Not Follow

No one wants to be a back seat driver forever. That is a fact. There are many kinds of leaders with differing opinions on this simple fact: Those who gain their authority from the structure of an organization—a boss, a manager, a supervisor Others, however, seem to gain this type of authority almost organically. If […]

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The Challenge of Making It New

Most of the ideas that people have are not new. They may be new to that person, or new to the situation, but so often they are reproductions of other ideas, other situations, other solutions. There is nothing wrong with this. We are social creatures. We learn from each other, our successes, our failures. The […]

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Understanding and Promoting Innovation in 21st Century Communities: Part 2

Ignoring Conventional Wisdom Communication has a large role in influencing how people make decisions. People develop opinions and sometimes these opinions become widely accepted, often disguised as facts. That is not to say that conventions are devoid of value entirely, but little new ground is ever struck by following old or worn paths. Great ideas […]

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