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Increasing Productivity with the Power of Observation

Over the last several centuries or so, humankind has undergone a radical shift that has redefined which biological traits determine success. For tens of thousands of years, success, both biological and societal, was determined, at least in part, by a person’s ability to produce physical work. However, for the first time in history, the average […]

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Online Education Spreads to High Schools

Although many Advanced Placement courses and grade level courses have been offered through online or distance models since the early 2000’s, Virginia has recently made a push to increase the number of online course providers that it allows to offer courses within the state. This represents a seismic shift in the way that people have […]

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Applications of the E-portfolio

Many universities are implementing e-portfolios in some capacity. The purposes of e-portfolios fall into roughly one of three main categories. The first type of e-portfolio involves using the space to learn reflectively. This type is prevalent in teacher preparation programs. The second type of e-portfolio is used to help the institution with assessment. The third […]

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