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Parsing HTML/XML with NodeJS and cheerio

Eventually, this post will be a small part of a long post-mortem describing a ton of unexpected challenges I’ve faced recently trying to wrangle some historical geospatial data. However, this post is going to look at just one piece of that long process where I used the NodeJS library cheerio to help clean-up a GeoJSON […]

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How to build an HTTP file server with Node.js

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working more and more with Node.js for a variety of projects. I started by building a few command line apps, progressed to some simple Node/Express sites, and more recently tackled some pretty complex apps that integrate RESTful web services that are hosted on AWS and Heroku. While […]

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Debugging Node.js Processes | Error events.js 141

Debugging Node.js processes on the server can be kind of painful depending on what tools you have available to help you make sense of error messages. After scouring the web, it seems that a lot of people get frustrated by an error that gets thrown at events.js 141, which seems to be a generic socket […]

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