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Extending WP REST API Index Route Response

This should be a fairly quick blog post, but it should help some folks out if they are looking to extend the WP Rest API index route to include some additional fields. First, let’s clear up what I mean by index route.  For the purpose of this post, we are considering the index route to […]

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Adding Custom Fields to WordPress JSON API

I’m working on building out some cool annotations tools for different types of audio, mostly music, which you can see an example of here. Although this is a good step, to really make this app/plugin/tool extensible and reusable, there needs to be some sort of back end layer to store some meta data about each […]

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WordPress NGINX Proxy Server Subdomain to Subdirectory

For a recent project, I implemented an NGINX proxy server to proxy requests from a WordPress installation on a subdomain so that they appear to come from a subdirectory of the main domain. Good http://maindomain.com/blog Bad http://blog.maindomain.com There a lots of SEO and technical benefits to setting up a proxy server like this, a few […]

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