Query Timeout in MySQL Workbench | Error Code: 2013. Lost connection to MySQL server during query

This is kind of a silly and duplicative post, but I spent too much time searching for the right answer, so maybe this will help the right course of action bubble to the top faster in the future.

The Issue

I was trying to run a query on my local SQL install (whatever MAMP manages and provisions) using MySQL Workbench 6.3 for Mac but kept getting a timeout error.

error code 2013: lost connection to MySQL server during query

The query itself wasn’t overly complex, but I was using aggregate functions, group by, and a join to consolidate a dataset. I’m working with distance education reporting data for all U.S. colleges and universities from 2012-2015, so this join involved a 7K row table and another with 25K rows, so not inconsequential but also not BIG data level.

STABBR as State,
EFDELEV as Level , 
SUM(EFDETOT) as Total_Distance,
SUM(EFDEEXC) as Exclusive_Distance,
SUM(EFDESOM) as Some_Distance,
SUM(EFDENON) as None_Distance

FROM hd2012 LEFT JOIN ef2012a_dist_rv
ON hd2012.UNITID = ef2012a_dist_rv.UNITID
GROUP BY State,  Level;

I did some initial googling on the error code, but it is a pretty general error code, so it was difficult to be sure whether this was a limitation of SQL or the Workbench DBMS. I read a few posts that suggested manipulating some of the .conf files for the underlying MySQL install, and I went too long down this road before trying something in Workbench itself.

It turns out there are timeout settings for the DBMS that you extend to make sure that it waits a sufficient amount of time for your query to return data. Thanks to this specific answer on StackOverflow, but the description of “how-to” it links to is no longer valid, hence this blog post.

The Fix

There is a quick setting in Preferences that helped me. As you might expect, the DBMS has settings to manage its connection to the SQL server. In my case, those were just too short for my long running queries.

I changed the 30 second defaults to 180, and returned the data I needed. However, I’d imagine that some things would call for a much higher timeout, especially if you wanted to do a lot of transactions.

preferences settings menu my sql workbench





3 thoughts on “Query Timeout in MySQL Workbench | Error Code: 2013. Lost connection to MySQL server during query”

  1. Yogesh says:

    Nice !

  2. Sumit says:

    It’s not working in my case.

    1. BrownBearWhatDoYouSee says:

      Not sure how big your data set is, how complex the query is, or how powerful your machine is, but have you tried increasing the timeout limit higher than 180 secs?

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